All of our servers are located in a high availability New Zealand Data-Center. We have excellent connectivity to almost everywhere in the world & always have more resources than we need. Our servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest levels of up time possible. In the event of major connectivity loss (such as a natural disaster), we have backup servers in Australia ready to take over.

With independent connections to three major ISP’s and fully redundant power generators, server downtime is typically only a few hours per year. We take downtime very seriously and will do everything in our power to minimize it.

All of the data on our servers is backed up daily to a server at the opposite end of the country, & weekly to Australia. So in the event of a hardware failure, accidental deletion or natural disaster , none of your data will be lost.

Hosting Plans
Copper Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan
Hosting Space 100MB 250MB 500MB
Extra Space (Per Month) Not Available Not Available $1 Per 100MB
Email Accounts 1 3 5
Extra Email Accounts (Per Month) Not Available Not Available $2 Per Account
Databases 1 5 No Limit
Subdomains 5 10 No Limit
Setup Cost No Cost No Cost No Cost
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Included National Bandwidth 1GB Per Month 3GB Per Month 5GB per Month
Extra National Bandwidth** $2 per GB $1 Per GB 50¢ Per GB
International Bandwidth** $7 Per GB $7 Per GB $7 Per GB
SSL Secure Certificate $30 Per Year $30 Per Year $30 Per Year
Cost Per Month (NZD) $10 $15 $20
Cost Per Year (NZD) $100 $150 $200

** All bandwidth is rounded to the nearest 100MB, for example 2370MB of  extra national bandwidth will be rounded up to 2400MB & cost $4.80

Please contact us for more details.